Saturday, March 9, 2013

Not Back to Boom Time

"AMP Capital’s head of investment strategy, Shane Oliver, also predicts “a year or two” of house price gains but “not a lot”.  “It’s not back to boom time,” he says. “House prices are high relative to income, lending is constrained and borrowers are cautious.

“Everyone knows the story of housing in the US, the UK and Spain. I think Australians are well aware that prices can go down. That realisation was not there pre-GFC.”
The global crisis has changed the psyche in other ways. No longer is buying and renovating a home the No. 1 ambition.
“We are a long way from the time when the The Block was the most popular show on TV,” Oliver says.
Of course, if mortgage rates fall much further, all bets are off. If the cash rate drops to 2 per cent, as one lead strategist predicts, the lure of cheap money and rising property prices will be hard to resist.  But it is unlikely. Most analysts predict one or two more cuts to the cash rate and some competitive offers on mortgages."

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