Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shrinking Apartment Sizes

In Brisbane, apartment sizes are shrinking.  Newer apartments are smaller than older apartments.  Many two bedroom apartments are now less than 85 sqm in total size (including balcony), compared with about 100 sqm five years ago, or 120 sqm ten years ago.

For example, DoubleOne3, a Devine project, has two bedroom, two bathroom apartments that have a total size of 74 sqm including balcony.  The "Superior" two bedrooms, on the corners of the building are 105 sqm in total size.

As another example, the size of two bedroom apartments in Mirvac's Park development at Newstead range from 96sqm to 112 sqm.  Mirvac builds larger than most developers, to a higher quality.  But compare Mirvac's Quay West development in Brisbane from more than 10 years ago.  There, the two bedroom apartments were 126 sqm.  In Mirvac's Arbour on Grey, from about ten years ago, most of the the two bedrooms were around 109 sqm.

In NYC, the size of new rental apartments is also decreasing, but the size of owner-occupied condos is increasing.  See NY Times.  I think that a similar distinction will arise in Brisbane, where two bedroom apartments less than 95 sqm in total size will be relegated as investor only product.  Moreover, care should be taken when comparing apartments.  Often the smaller newer apartments are more expensive than the older, larger apartments.

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