Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reader's Comment - Is there a boom?

A reader's view:
There seems to be a dramatic marketing shift going on in Brisbane at present in regard to marketing of apartments and units. The advertising has shifted to promoting the merits of “investing in apartments for rental return” rather than marketing to owner-occupiers. It appears the owner-occupier buyers have all dried up, perhaps they are among the 20,000 workers slated by the State Government for redundancies?

Or are potential owner-occupiers waiting for the release onto the market of thousands of houses and flats currently owned by State and Federal Government that are soon to be placed on the market as a result of the Government push for the private sector to provide (former) public housing by offering the tax-deduction carrot being offered to owners who place rental properties into the NRAS scheme?

One only has to attend the Home Show in Brisbane to see this over-night marketing shift or take a cursory glance at this Saturday’s Courier Mail Property insert. The marketing hype seems to have abandoned the (now) non-existent new owner-occupier buyers and switched to promoting the merits of “investing in units or apartments for rental return” since clearly, the notion of capital gain is now just a pipe dream, at least for the next 5-10 years.

Accompanying press releases and advertisements say how successful the developments are (or going to be – many haven’t even started building) and advertise the numerous sales that have already been made to “investors” for fabulous rental returns. Who is buying these apartments is the question.  For example, one in Milton advertises that it has sold $90 million in pre-sales with a vacancy rate of 0.7% and a rental return of 12.4% p.a (Courier Mail Sat 21/7/2012) yet not a sod has been turned on the vacant site. Puzzling indeed.

Others are advertising rental returns of $600-$850 per week around Newstead and Bowen Hills yet a newly completed complex at Bowen Hills, just 2 minutes from the CBD has huge placards visible from the ICB offering rentals at $300 per week. Quite a difference from the advertised rentals of $600-$800 per week available to “investors” less than a kilometre away. Recent data shows around 130 apartments available for lease or sale in the Teneriffe and Newstead area. So while alleged hundreds of units are being “snapped up” by savvy investors cashing in on the “rental boom” (remember the mining boom?) around Brisbane, a number of large unit and/or apartment complexes have been abandoned before they even turned a sod. Puzzling indeed?   Yet the marketers claim buyers are scrambling to line up and buy off the plan? More puzzling.

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Southlands Tsar said...

Great comment/post. The disparity and desperation of the marketing hype does raise questions. Combine your selient observations with overpriced new product in Sth Brisbane (Aria, Metro, McVie et al) and the bankers must be queuing up to get spanked