Saturday, January 21, 2012

Soleil Review

I recently visited an apartment in Soleil, which is in the Meriton pool.  Meriton is running a short term rental business out of Soleil, and so the ground floor lobby looked more like that of a cheap hotel than a residential apartment building.

I visited a one bedroom apartment.  It was very small.  Basically, two rooms.  A small bedroom, and a living room with a kitchen along the wall.  So really, a bedroom and a kitchen.  The kitchen/living room/dining room was very crowded even with the minimal hotel furniture.  You were sitting very close to the TV when on the sofa.

There are no balconies, and the windows only partly open.

No ducted airconditioning.  There is a split system, with an ugly head-end in the living room.

There were strange bangs and mysterious deep noises coming from the walls and the common hallway areas.  I could not determine what these noises were, but they were very annoying.

Overall, my opinion is not positive.  I was very unimpressed.

The building has a Facebook page, if you want to become friends with this apartment building.


Loser said...

Somewhat odd they cost so much, considering their small size.

Unknown said...

I was just wondering if you could let me know which level or possibly which room you stayed? It would be extremely helpful for us as we are considering buying a one-bed room property there and are very concerned about the mysterious noise you mentioned. Thank you in advance!