Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An Extraordinary Turnaround

"Over the past week we have witnessed quite an extraordinary turnaround in market activity, perhaps best evidenced in the mass 28% spike in internet enquiry from last week to this (up from 1558 individual visits to 1990).

Broadly all indicators are up on recent weeks with inspection numbers much improved; likewise the number of new listings, the number of offers on properties for sale and for lease, and the number of executed contracts.

Just what has triggered this positive abberation in the market is unclear. It may have been a bit of catch up after what has been several weeks of unseasonal quiet in the market, but could also be the fact that interest rates are stable in a broader economic environment here and abroad that is clearly entering an inflationary phase, usually the precursor to better times for hard assets such as property. "

From Johnson Dixon newsletter today

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