Sunday, May 15, 2011

Car Space

I would never buy an apartment without a car space. The value of a car space is between $60,000 and $90,000 depending on the building and location. An agent's email newsletter had the following information.

"Looking at going rates for Brisbane CBD short-term parking, it’s no wonder that parkers must think their car spaces are made of gold!

Brisbane CBD parkers now have the dubious honour of paying the third highest short-term parking rates in the Asian Pacific region – behind Tokyo and Sydney. Averaging $21.70 an hour, the price is enough to make people really think twice about shopping in the city or enjoying a relaxing Riverfront dining experience. Even Melbourne CBD parking is ‘cheap’ in comparison, costing only $15.98 per hour on average.

Budget on spending big if you plan using the Riverside Centre’s car park, situated in the heart of the financial, business and Riverside fine-dining precinct – at $21 for up to 30 minutes, it’s the most expensive place to park short-term in Brisbane’s CBD.

As public transport fares also continue to skyrocket, leasing a CBD car park weekly - from $80 upwards per week - is now seen as a financially viable alternative for some who often visit the CBD, whether for work, shopping and/or dining and entertainment."

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