Saturday, July 24, 2010

Montague West End Pricing

Montague at West End is currently in pre-sales. Here are some example prices:

Level 11 (top floor) - 1 bedroom 1 car

Area: 69sqm total (53 sqm internal) plus balcony. The bedroom in internal with no windows. Kitchen is in hallway (galley kitchen). No laundry. Small -- keep in mind that a typical dulux hotel room is about 40 sqm.

Price $400,000

North facing with views

Similar floor plan on ground floor with courtyard

Total Area: 70sqm

Price $360,000

But there are even smaller apartments than this!

For example, a 1 bed 1 car apartment on level 2 is listed at $315,000

Area 48 sqm internal plus 6 sqm balcony for a grand total of 54sqm. This is a room, not an apartment!

A larger apartment, 1 bedroom, on level 8 is listed at $420,000.

This is 57 sqm internal, plus 20 sqm balcony, for a total of 77 sqm. The laundry is on the balcony.


Emergency.Guru said...

Much appreciated with your blogs!

Just curious to see whether anyone has actually signed the contract re: Montague / Wave?

In fact, I'm wondering how the flood will impact the sales. According to an agent Montague was still 700mm above water (which means the future car park will be under)

Brisbane said...

I drove past today, and the hole onsite was full of flood water. Koko nearby was still evacuated.