Monday, September 29, 2008

Landmark Byte Brisbane Residential Report

"After recording the strongest growth and activity for the last five years during 2007, the Brisbane residential market like other markets across the country has entered a period of softening. Although key fundamentals of the market including limited housing stock and land supply, record low unemployment and continued growth in population remain solid, other factors such as affordability, high interest rates, declining consumer sentiment and volatility in equities and credit markets have produced a greater impact on the overall market."

"LandMark White expects the Brisbane residential market could fall by up to a further 5% in the next six to twelve months. We anticipate the landing will be quite soft across most market sectors due to the strong fundamentals in the Brisbane market including population growth, under supply of housing and a strong rental market however there is a risk the market may get worse rather than better. This appears to be very much dependent upon overseas issues and a slowing global economy. In the medium term, the only prospect of a change in the market is for the Reserve Bank to soften interest rates further. This now seems more possible however there is a perception that as interest rates fall further, the price growth seen over 2007 will return. This optimism may prove to be unfounded with buyers more likely being more aware of the negative implications of such a price growth cycle and issues of affordability."

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