Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rates and Rents to Increase

"TENANTS will be slugged with rent increases as council rates, high property demand, and interest rates take a hold on the industry, analysts say.

The Brisbane City Council's Budget imposed a rate increase of 8.76 per cent and extra tax for luxury innercity apartments, will sting renters already under pressure from a 55 per cent rise over the past five years...."

See Courier Mail article

"The rates increase for unit owners will rise from 7.9 per cent for a unit on land valued at less than $1 million, to 9 per cent for land valued between $1 million and $5 million, by 16 per cent for land between $5million and $10million and 60 per cent on land worth more than $10million.

These rates are higher for apartments that are investment properties."

See Brisbane Times article

See also Brisbane Times article

These increases will not only increase rents, but will make buyers think twice before buying an apartment in Brisbane.

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