Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Admiralty Two - New Listing

An apartment design that I consider to be a very good design, in a good building, is now listed for sale. It is a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in Admiralty Towers Two. It is large compared to newer apartments -- 116 sqm -- and has a quality feel. (There are other 2 bed designs in this building that are smaller, so take care when doing comparisons.) Good views and good location. The building has two pools, and apartment owners on the higher floor have exclusive access to the rooftop pool and gym. The balcony is not large, but this results in more internal space. Plenty of cupboards and a separate laundry room / storage room inside the apartment. Admiralty Towers Two has no short term rentals.

This apartment is on level 28, and is listed at $850,000.

Compare this renovated apartment in River Place, listed at $875,000. River Place is a lesser quality building, with many more apartments and vacation rentals. It has a great outdoor pool, overlooking the river, and the apartments have a larger usable balcony (but with the airconditioner compressor located on the balcony!)

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