Saturday, April 26, 2008

Market Comments

From the recent RP Data Property Pulse:

For those property owners who are considering selling, it would be a good idea to hold off if possible. There are a lot of properties listed for sale and fewer buyers in the market. Those buyers that are willing and able to purchase now have the luxury of time on their side, which means more negotiation, higher levels of discounting and longer selling times. Selling a property now is likely to result in a less than optimum sale price.

On the flip side, the time to buy may be ripe. We can expect the savvy investor to be on the prowl and owner occupiers who have their finances in order may also be stepping up to the plate. Times like these can be rich pickings for knowledgeable buyers who have the financial clout not to be deterred by further rate rises. These buyers will be making low offers and will be largely inflexible in their negotiations. The primary target will be properties that have been up for sale for more than two months or distressed sales.

Forced sales are likely to show a further increase during 2008. Those mortgage holders who have been holding out for a rate fall will be bitterly disappointed. Instead, they will be looking at steady or rising rates most likely into the next year. Many will be unable to withstand the sustained financial pressures.

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