Sunday, June 1, 2014

Place Apartment Report

Place has published their "Current Market Report - Inner Brisbane Apartments - March Quarter 2014".  Link is here.

The report focuses on new, off-the-plan apartment developments, and is worth reading.  Many people say that there soon will be an oversupply of apartments in Brisbane.  At present, it is taking longer to rent out apartments, so maybe the glut is already here.  Maybe there will be an oversupply of smaller rental apartments and an undersupply of apartments for owner-occupiers?

Some highlights from the report:
  • The three months to March 2014 recorded 639 unconditional sales. Although this is not to the same level of transactions as the record breaking December Quarter prior, this is still almost twice the 10 year average of 326 unconditional sales per quarter.
  • A weighted average of $710,524 was recorded during the March 2014 quarter. This is a figure 30% above the December period previously and representative of a higher level of owner occupier sales recorded in Inner Brisbane as opposed to any genuine price growth.
  • The increase in local buyers has seen 52% of transactions recorded as two bedroom configurations.
  • Despite this weighted average price rise, the 12 month rolling average price remains under $600,000, reflecting an overall longer term demand for affordable inner city apartments.
  • One bedroom sales represented a further 40% of the quarter’s transactions, again the bulk of which transacted within the $350,000 and $450,000 price point.
  • The distribution by price point was more evenly spread through the first quarter of 2014. The $350,000 to $450,000 price point still however retained the market share with 26% of the quarter’s sales.
  • There were 1,225 apartments remaining for sale in Inner Brisbane at the end of the March 2014 quarter – The lowest level in 4 years.
  • Overall, two bedroom apartments maintain the majority of current supply within Brisbane equating to 58% of the apartments remaining on the market. One bedroom apartments total only 29% of the available apartments for sale, and 3 beds represent only 9%.
  • There were six new projects which recorded unconditional sales during the March 2014 quarter. These included Abian (CBD), Proximity (Hamilton), 38 High Street (Toowong).
  • The best performing projects in Brisbane during the quarter were Abian (108 transactions), Broadway on Anne (58 transactions), Southpoint (46 transactions), Proximity (45 transactions), and 38 High Street (44 transactions).

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