Saturday, May 3, 2014

Proximity Hamilton

Peloton is developing Proximity Hamilton.  This appears to be located at the back of the Portside development, and is not direct riverfront (although the river and cruise ship terminal is nearby).  One beds from $330,000 and two beds from $495,000.  A "free" furniture pack is offered.  Looking at the website, it appears to be targeted at people in their twenties who like to eat but don't actually eat that much.

The largest apartment is a corner two bedroom:  82 sqm internal, with a 13 sqm balcony.  See floor plan below.  This looks ok, but there are only 4 of these apartments.   Most of the other apartments are small -- 50 sqm internal for a 1 bedroom (where I would expect at least 60 sqm to be reasonable size.)

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