Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brothel in your building

There is an interesting article in Domain regarding a Sydney apartment building that became home to a brothel.  In Brisbane, a number of inner city apartment buildings are used by travelling escorts on a regular basis to see their customers.  Some of the escorts are Eastern European, posing as tourists.  Many are from Australia or NZ.  An example list of visiting tourists is here.

Based on the informal surveys I have done, the preferred Brisbane apartment buildings for travelling escorts are [X ]and [Y].  M on Mary is also popular.

If you reside in one of these buildings, you may find that your neighbour for a week is a busy busty blonde from Prague with many male friends.

For reference,  an old Commissioner's decision on this topic is here.

Update on May 8, 2014:

The blog received a letter of demand from a management rights owner, threatening a lawsuit.  As a result, the names of two buildings have been deleted from this post at the present time.  Before buying or renting in an inner-city apartment building, it is recommended to conduct appropriate investigations.

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