Thursday, January 2, 2014

RP Data December 2013 Report

Highlights over the three months to December 2013
  • Best performing capital city: Sydney +4.1 per cent 
  • Weakest performing capital city: Canberra, -1.3 per cent 
  • Highest rental yields: Darwin houses with gross rental yield of 6.0 per cent and Darwin Units at 6.2 per cent 
  • Lowest rental yields: Melbourne houses with gross rental yield of 3.4 per cent and Melbourne units at 4.2 per cent 
  • Most expensive city: Sydney with a median dwelling price of $655,250 
  • Most affordable city: Hobart with a median dwelling price of $330,000
Each capital city housing market recorded positive home value growth in 2013, however, the cities driving the capital growth have been Sydney (14.5%), Perth (9.9%) and Melbourne (8.5%). Brisbane was the only other city to record value growth in excess of 5 per cent (5.1%) with each of the remaining capital cities recording annual value growth of 3.5 per cent or less.

Brisbane – house values have increased by 5.3 per cent over 2013 compared to a 3.5 per cent increase in unit values. Value growth has only slightly outpaced rental growth however it has resulted in gross house yields falling from 4.7 per cent a year ago to 4.6 per cent currently and unit yields easing from 5.6 per cent to 5.5 per cent.

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