Monday, October 7, 2013

Brisbane property marker simmers

"Brisbane’s market continues to simmer as we look to the southern states and wonder why they are
running so hot right about now. Our Brisbane buyers and sellers are feeling a touch more confident
about the year ahead, so we may well see some strengthening in pricing, but a definite price trend
hasn’t fully emerged as yet. ...

Units can also provide a great way to crack into the inner city market and shore up your equity. Walking distance to a community hub really is a must though. Tenants and residents alike don’t want to spend too much time within the walls of their unit. A cafĂ© strip allows for a getaway from the home and a stroll in the sunshine."

Valuers HTW has an excellent monthly publication, Month in Reivew.  It is worth reading each month.   The above is from the October edition.

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