Saturday, May 5, 2012

No Apple Store for M&A

Is Laing O'Rourke misleading people, or just careless?  Last month, to much fanfare, it released a press release to report that it has signed up a two level Apple store at its McLachlan & Ann (M&A) building in the Valley.  See Press Release and prior post.

But it is not an Apple store, but an Apple reseller.  Today's Courier Mail has an advertorial that refers to a "US-based Apple reseller."  There is a big difference between an Apple Store and an Apple reseller.  Myer, JB HiFi and Kmart are Apple resellers.  And there already is an Apple reseller just around the corner (Mac1 at James Street).

So no Apple Store for M&A, just a U.S. electronics store.  So that decreases not increases the appeal of M&A.

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