Monday, April 30, 2012

Limited but real competition

"So how have things actually faired in the last four months? agents report patchy progress, but on balance they have been more encouraged since we hit the new year. many described their 'best months for some time' during February and March. the upshot seems to be this – vendors have reached their bottom price and buyers are now willing to meet them. most sellers who had to get out of the market come-what-may have done so. If not, they have found alternative strategies and decided to hold onto their dirt until the next upswing. Buyers who were putting in substantially discounted offers on properties are finding there is now limited but real competition. as a result if they want to secure some real estate, they do have go beyond their ridiculously low dream price and get a little dose of reality. the outcome has been more sales volume but prices remain flat. For example, sub $1m in good locations is doing just fine and if you’re a first home buyer within 10 to 15km of the CBD, then you’ll probably find there is a little more competition to secure some real estate."
HTW Month in Review

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