Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flood Building Update From Readers

212 Margaret Street still out of power, energex is talking about getting in a generator. Plus the lift shaft seems to be damaged so no go on the lifts either at the moment! No one can tell me when it will be up and running but it doesn't look good to be honest - apparently there was a lot of damage downstairs and a great deal of debris.

Riverplace Apartments maintained electrical power during the floods, so the basement carpark sustained only a few inches of water and no forced evacuation.

Admiralty Towers One - building evacuation still in force; at least 48 hours to occupancy. Lifts not working.

All services to Admiralty Quays have now been restored including all four levels of car parking in the basement.

Admiralty Two: There is still some water in the high rise lift well, and Kone cannot bring lifts into service until this water is completely drained. Owners who live in the high rise may use the low rise lifts to go to level 21, then use the fire escape to access their level. Our security guard will be on duty tonight. He has a fob for high rise owners to access level 21. Priority will be given to get at least one high rise lift operational tomorrow (Wednesday).

Water's Edge: The Developer has been working with us to clear the basements and this has nearly been completed. The cleanup in the basement should begin Tuesday 18/1/11. There is damage to the electrical boards that were located in the basement, however the repairs are expected to begin as soon as possible.

Emporium Valley: Operating normally with exception of Toulouse North Tower where power is yet to be re-instated and lift access restored. We are hopeful power will be back by Wednesday this week.

Oaks Festival Towers: Still pumping water from basement on Wednesday afternoon.

KoKo West End: Basement flooded and building evacuated

Left Bank, West End: Basement badly flooded

120 Mary Street: "Unfortunately due to flood damage the Quest River Park Central is currently closed. It is hoped to have the building back open by mid next week; however no date can be provided at this point. More information to be posted as it comes to us. "

Private property developer Mark Stockwell said the group's Riverpoint apartments at West End had water in the basement. The floodwaters did not reach the residential floors. "The water has now all been pumped out and there was some damage to the electricals, which is now being fixed."

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