Sunday, January 31, 2010


It seems that W4 Apartments by Donovan Hill at Newstead have problems. From a communication from a lawyer in Brisbane: "Our recommendation is that for the time being you do not issue your own proceedings and support the QBSA. It would be unwise to effect full repairs to the building which are likely to be in excess of $1.6M as it will render the QBSA proceedings useless." Temporary repairs were recommended to prevent the situation from getting worse.

This is an example of the risk of buying off the plan.

"Poor! Downstairs carpark always floods. Carpark storage broken into. Bird poo everywhere. Poor finish to everything (bathroom tiling loose after 12 mths). Airconditioning problems leading to high electricy bill. Cheap paint on walls. Stupid light (hits your head all the time if you dont put your dining table in that position). Cracked plastering dropping off ceilings. Thats all folks."
"Been in the unit for 4 months now. Very poor finish, everything seems very cheap and tacky.They dont look like new units, more like a renovated unit... The floor is a really cheap vinyl. It comes with some very ordinary light fittings which are supposed to be designed by a famous guy. They look like my five year old made them!"

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