Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tennyson Reach Auction Results

Mirvac auctioned 9 apartments at Tennyson Reach last weekend. There are more than 15 purchasers of off-the-plan apartments at Tennyson Reach who failed to settle. Mirvac auctioned off nine apartments where there was no legal dispute between the Mirvac customer and Mirvac. (S0 there will be more sales of failed settlements coming.) The auctions were all three bedroom apartments with river or mangrove views. For all these apartments, they sold off-the-plan for more than $1M.

At the auction, there was only one apartment where bidding was more than $1M. This was apartment 3311 (a 6th floor end apartment, 234 sqm including balcony.)

For all other apartments, the majority of bids were in the $800K and $900K range. Most of the apartments did not reach the reserve, and were passed in. Some sold after auction, and at least 5 were still for sale when I looked recently. The apartments that did not sell at auction or immediately after were:

Mirvac is being very secretive regarding the results of the auction and the ultimate sales price. In my experience, when the seller and seller's agent do not publicise auction results, this is often because the results were not good. The results were not reported to APM, and so the weekend auction result report for last weekend was even worse than reported for Brisbane.

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