Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mirvac Sues Many

Mirvac Queensland has recently launched a number of lawsuits in the Supreme Court of Queensland. These lawsuits appear to seek performance of off-the-plan contracts for Tennyson Reach, where the buyer did not settle. Buyers that have been sued include McGann, MG Taylor Nominees, O'Hagan, De Pasquale, Holland, Crooks, Douyere, Thompson, Ibencastle Pty Ltd, Beioley, Campbell, Horne, and others. It would appear that Mirvac believes that the apartments that swiftly sold a few years ago off the plan are now worth less than the contract price? In the third stage of Tennyson Reach, about 70 apartments remain for sale in the Farringford Building. There are at least 12 apartments in stages one and two listed for resale. When I visited recently, the development seemed like a ghost town.

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