Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gold Coast:: Heading Up or Down?

A recent story in the Gold Coast Bulletin, which seems to try only to have positive stories about Gold Coast real estate, states:

"New apartment sales slumped during the December, 2008 quarter with just 77 unconditional transactions taking place for a total of $62.6 million, according to Colliers' latest Gold Coast Apartment Report. The figure was the second lowest on record since the research was first compiled in December 1996.

The research found sales in the December 2008 quarter, dropped significantly from the two previous periods, with 121 sales recorded in the September quarter and 448 sales in the June quarter. It was the worst quarter on record since December 2000, when 74 sales were recorded for a total of just $28.5 million. In the past two years, the number of sales per quarter has averaged 356. The report found the level of stock had also increased, with 2259 new apartments now available for sale, approaching the record figure of 2574 available in June 2007."

The story is titled "The only way is up for unit sales" and the remainder of the story rationalizes why this is the bottom of the market on the Gold Coast, and why it will get better for the remainder of this year. I disagree. My view is that the Gold Coast apartment market is still overpriced, and will see a significant decrease in price over the next 9 months.

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