Friday, November 14, 2008

Sherwood Parklands

I have previously written about Pradella's development "Parklands at Sherwood" which is high on a hilltop overlooking parks and Oxley Creek, with city views in the distance. See prior comment.

I visited again this week. Apartment Building 1 (AP1, marketed as Jacaranda) is almost complete. The bottom floor is at lockup stage, and the top floor apartments are being tiled. Looks like about 2 to 3 months work until completion. Apartment Building 2 (AP2, marketed as Brookline) now has a roof. The bottom floor has internal walls, the top floor has frames for internal walls. Probably 6 months more work till completion. There are also terrace house and detached houses.

I am very impressed with the apartments. Even the smaller two bedroom apartments seem large. Maybe this is because at least half the apartments have great park views. The design and outlook is good. I am less impressed by the detached houses -- they are in the worst location in the development, and the rooms seem smaller than I would have liked.

There are some resales already listed:

  • smaller 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, study nook, 2 cars, top floor, park & city views - listed at $530,000
  • smaller 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, study nook, 2 cars, top floor, village green views- listed at $520,000
  • 3 bedroom townhouse - listed at $798,000
Some of the developer stock in AP1, at the rear of the building, is discounted. For example, a 2 bedroom apartment for sale in the mid $400,000s. There is good buying to be had, and this development will impress when complete.

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