Monday, July 14, 2008

Hale Street Bridge

The new Hale Street Bridge (or Link as the Council calls it) has a fly-over on Coronation Drive. Will it impact the views of Coronation Residences and Vue?

It will increase traffic on Merivale Streets and Cordelia Streets in South Brisbane. I would not buy an apartment on these streets.

"The revised plan, which was passed by Brisbane City Council at a special meeting today, includes an overpass from the Riverside Expressway to Coronation Drive at a cost of $55 million, and removes the need for outbound traffic to queue at an intersection.

"This will allow outbound traffic from the city to proceed to the west along Coronation Drive by going up and over southbound traffic," Cr Newman said.

Original projections found the construction of the bridge and link would add an additional 40 minutes to peak-hour commutes during 18 months' of work."

See Brisbane Times.

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