Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Would you live in Charlotte Towers?

I visited Charlotte Towers recently. It was built and sold by Devine as an apartment building, and sold as "residential apartments". However, it is now an Oaks Hotel. There are still some people living here on a full time basis. But it is not nice. Four things that I saw on my visit:

  • room service plates and trays left in the hall
  • cleaners with trolleys blocking halls and elevators
  • a hotel guest who was very frustrated, who had a bad check in experience, and could not find her way to her "room" - she took her frustrations out on me
  • the driveway to the car park blocked with people trying to check in -- there were four cars trying to get in and two cars trying to get out -- but it was blocked by a car of guests checking in.

An agent said that it was better now, as the facilities got less use -- before Oaks, there were many students in the building, often illegally overcrowding apartments. Oaks, he said, is now focusing on short stays for executives. The agent said that Oaks had over 90% occupancy during the week.

Online, I could reserve a one bedroom apartment for $150 a night.

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