Saturday, September 1, 2007

Festival Towers

I recently visited two apartments in Festival Towers, a Devine development in Albert Street in Brisbane.

Recently, the management rights were sold to the Oaks Group.

The complex is very lively. The common rooms and bbq areas at about 5pm were packed. Mostly foreign students.

The apartments on the South East side (e.g., S, T and U types) have now had their views blocked by M on Mary, a building designed mostly for students. A big loss of privacy for this side of Festival Towers.

The apartments on the North West side (e.g., P and O types) now have a river view in a Western direction, towards South Bank and Milton. That view will be lost when the new Westin Hotel building, Empire Square, is constructed on Elizabeth Street.

Two bedroom apartments in Festival Towers are selling in the $400,000s. They range in size from 85 sqm to much smaller, e.g., less than 75 sqm.

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