Sunday, April 4, 2010

Open House Realty

If you are dealing with Open House Realty, and its principal, Tavis Callard, or use Roma Properties as your letting agent, here is some information that may be useful:
  • Mr Callard, and his family, including his father, has a number of companies and trusts associated with them. These include Roma Properties, that has the management rights for Admiralty Towers Two. Roma Properties also had the management rights for Admiralty Towers One, but after a number of breach notices from the body corporate, sold the management rights and made a payment of more than $100,000 to the body corporate in relation to their breaches.
  • Roma Properties' conduct is being investigated by the body corporate for Admiralty Towers Two. It seems that a company called Brisbane City Cleaning and Maintenance, associated with Tavis Callard, billed the body corporate and owners who it managed properties for. See letter.
  • There is was a recent success complaint against Roma Properties before the Office of Fair Trading.
  • Mr Callard and his wife signed a contract to purchase a house at Pullenvale at the end of 2009, but failed to settle and lost their deposit. They moved into the house prior to settlement on a lease, but have not paid their rent. When the Callard's moved out, the house was in a terrible mess.
  • Mr Callard has not paid other accounts, such as hospital bills.
  • At least one company associated with Tavis Callard is being sued for failure to pay an account. This appears to relate to payments for signs for the Open House business. See this pending District Court lawsuit, filed by Adshel Street Furniture in October 2009 for money owing.
  • Roma Properties has failed to pay accounts on behalf of the owners of properties it manages, thus causing late payment and interest fees to the owners.
  • Another lawsuit involving Roma Properties and Admiralty Towers Two is detailed here.
  • There have been all sorts of issues involving the Callards and their indirect ownership of a coffee shop premises (now vacant) at Admiralty Towers. It is now listed for sale by auction.

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tall-yorke said...

Tavis cal lard is a crook - like the previous blog he has done a runner owing $30000 - he also failed to purchase a commercial property and ended up as a tenant when this fell through and then proceeded not to pay bills and outgoings. Obviously he has done all of this before.....What a shonk! He should be unlicensed by reiq.